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New Year Resolution

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

In Isaiah 55:7, Bible says if we confess and forsake our sins, God will abundantly pardon. In Luke 15:20b...”But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.” If you make this resolution today, your heaven will open, God will accept you and reopen your closed doors. Even though the weight of past sins might look so heavy, that you find it so hard to forgive yourself, God already made provision, an incredible sacrifice for our sins. His only begotten son, the Lord Jesus Christ, died so that your iniquity could be forgiven. Death is the ultimate sacrifice for sin, Jesus died so that you can live. So that your resolution can stand before your Maker; and the time of refreshing can come from the presence of the Lord. Jesus died so that our past does not hunt and hurt our future. Jesus cleanses us from the past, delivers us from the present and settles our future. What a great privilege! As you take these steps today and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, there shall be restoration of lost years and doors of new life and new opportunity await you. I welcome you to a new and your best year ever! For counselling, contact us at: Brookstone Revival Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 801660, Acworth, GA 30101. Tel: +1-706-452-3005 Email:

Every year many people promise themselves, or come before the Lord with, new commitments. Some truly mean it, some don’t. Unfortunately, these new year commitments or resolutions only last few weeks, if they ever get fulfilled. The reason for New Year resolution is because we wanted a better year than the previous years. Without fooling ourselves, we know we cannot be doing the same thing the same way and be expecting a different or better result. A good example of someone with resolution is found in Luke 15:17-20. “17. And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger! 18. I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before you, 19. And am no more worthy to be called your son: make me as one of your hired servants. 20. And he arose, and came to his father....” This is a popular story, of the prodigal son, which has great lessons for all generations. This young man made some resolutions: 1. self-realization, 2. he arose, 3. returned to his father and 4. acknowledgement and confession. The prodigal son made resolutions backed with actions, and he got a remarkable result, such that his story became a lesson even for generations yet unborn, and even for readers of this literature. 1. Self-realization – the prodigal son came to self-realization of the wrong steps he had taken by joining bad gangs, living wretched life, abusing privileges, drunkenness, homosexuality, drugs, adultery, unforgiveness, etc. Without realization of one’s true state in comparison to the original plan of God for one’s life, New Year resolution is a mere waste of time and fruitless effort. 2. Arise – when prodigal son regained self- consciousness, he arose. His resolution was backed with action. He arose from living a sinful life, he arose from the midst of bad companies that wrecked his life; he arose from self-pity and blaming enemies. He arose from state of hopelessness. To have a concrete and achievable new year resolution, you need to arise. You need to arise out of the old ways that have brought calamities into your life. You just need to arise! 3. Return to the Father – the prodigal son took his inheritance and squandered it, just like many are wasting away their precious inheritance: the time, breath of life, the opportunities and the God given resources. But at the point of self- realization, the young man knew his father still had more. God, our Eternal Father, never runs out of supply. You just need to return in humility and with repentant heart. You just need to return forsaking the old ways that have separated you from Him. You just need to return! 4. Acknowledgement and confession – at this juncture, the prodigal son is right before the father with remorseful heart and regrets of wrong doings. No pride or arrogance any more, but with the humility he confessed what he did wrong and took responsibility for his actions, and He obtained mercy from the father.

Solomon Alawiye

Brookstone Revival Ministries USA

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